Adorable puppy interrupts live weather report and steals hearts of millions

What a better way to make your voice heard, than a live newscast? Well, that’s exactly what this cute little puppy thought when took a weather news reporter by surprise. The reporter has the sweetest reaction when realizes what the pup’s real intentions are, and now they are both going viral.


When Fox5 reporter Bob Barnard started to deliver a live weather report from the city of Leesburg in northern Virginia, he had no idea he will go viral. However, it wasn’t the way he reported the though icy conditions that made him an Internet celebrity, but a random puppy that decided to join him. Shortly after the live report began, an adorable came out of nowhere with only a thought in its mind – to have some fun.

The friendly puppy immediately jumped to lick the reporter’s face and to play with him. Even live on TV, Bob didn’t blinked twice and started to cuddle with the little invader in a heartwarming scene. “Forget the people we talked to earlier! I want to get to know this dog,” Bob can be heard saying.


A few moments after, the puppy’s mom came to take her little companion back, and to apologise for the whole thing. She said her doggie, named Pierogi, jumped over the gate and ran straight to Bob.

Watch the adorable scene here:

The adorable footage of the moment immediately went viral on social media. It gained over 1 million views on Youtube alone, with everyone charmed by the this lovely encounter. “This reporter is awesome,” one person wrote.”Such a cool dude. Pierogi was having way too much fun in the snow.” While another one added: “this was the best news segment I’ve seen in awhile, full of fun and happiness.”

h.t. news18