Rescued tigers have the sweetest reaction when swim for the first time

This is the heartwarming moment two rescued tigers get the chance to swim for the very first time. The way they react is about to melt even the coldest heart!


Carli and Lily enjoy a swim in a pool and they look happier than ever, however things didn’t alway looked so great for the these majestic animals. The 12-year-old tiger have been both rescued from a facility in New York , among other 19 captive animals. When a rescue them from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) found these helpless souls, they were living in some extremely poor conditions. Kept in dirty tiny cages, these animals looked anything but happy. Fortunately the things have dramatically changed for all of them.


As about the two rescued tigers, they have been been taken to their new home at the Safe Haven Rescue Zoo – a wildlife sanctuary where Carli and Lily finally got the chance of a happy and peaceful life.

“For the very first time, they’ll be able to feel what it’s like to swim,” said Kelly Donithan, rescue operator with the IFAW. “It’s a contradictory world we live in—where too few wild creatures roam the wilderness and too many suffer behind bars. Breeding big cats or other wild animals thousands of miles from their native territory for entertainment will not increase the numbers in the wild—nor will it truly educate the public on what a tiger (or any wild animal) really is.”

Watch Carli and Lily having the time of their lives while swimming in a pool for the first time: