Cloud in cars woud save your life

The time will not be far when the car will be called “wheeled computer”, as it is already becoming a reality with the help of the cloud. It is precisely the cloud that will transform the driving experience and is also expected to improve road safety.

Cloud along with 5G will make the cars significantly improve over time. through apps and services, shoppers will be able to improve their travels.

The BMW iX, an electric SUV starting production this summer in Germany, will be the first vehicle with 5G capability in the US. It goes on sale later this year in Europe and will arrive in the US in early 2022.

By 2023, nearly 5 million cars worldwide, representing 75 brands, will have 5G capabilities, which will enable them to use the Cloud. Conclusion: Consumers expect their digital lives to follow them everywhere, including their cars. Technology is finally here for vehicle manufacturers.

With 5G and cloud, cars will be able to communicate with each other and with the surrounding ecosystem, thus helping to avoid collisions and accidents. This is nothing new for Tesla, whose high-tech cars are already like supercomputers.

But cloud technology in cars will already be embraced by the traditional manufacturer. Companies are promoting what we call “software-driven vehicles”. It will be the applications that will control both the operation of a car and the experience of the passenger.

Panasonic, for example, announced a new augmented reality augmentation steering wheel – projected graphics on the windshield that provide real-time awareness of traffic, obstacles or directions.

Harman, meanwhile, introduced a new cloud-based platform that would let travelers turn their car into a video game arena or a virtual concert.

The first 5G-equipped vehicles are already on the road in China, and will soon arrive in the rest of the world. With a thicker tube, information can move faster in and out of vehicles.

Existing cars can’t handle that data explosion, so carmakers are removing their existing 100-piece chunks plus individual control units for everything from airbags to windows, and replacing them with some super efficient computers.

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